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Over of companies offer some type of Educational Assistance program for an employees. Some programs are restricted to a few classes recommended by management, however some programs include reimbursement or even prepay for certificates and entire degree plans. Some organizations use educational assistance if you want to recruit employees, knowing that their competition also offers an effective way to for employees to be paid for their education. However, when the employee contracts with a company, heshe may find how the education assistance is not advertised and employees are discouraged from using this benefit. Managers may reject education requests under the guise of “limited departmental budgets”.

But there are a couple of corporations using tuition assistance as greater than a tool for recruiting. These companies advertise their program, encourage its use, recognize graduates, measure success of the program and align it with career development or talent management. Chris Howard has written a rapid review of Tuition Assistance Programs TAP in “Best Practices for Maximizing a key Talent Investment” in Bersin and Associates Industry Study, January, . Howard offers levels of TAP Maturity Models and provide case studies for everybody Best Practice. Howard stresses aligning TAP with Talent Management for best results and value from the education assistance regimens.

Some other Suggestions might be added, including oOutlining clear goals for the TAP program. secondary tuition might be “promoting leadership” or “promoting skills and education for all employees, at all levels”. oUnderstanding challenges belonging to the TAP program and resolving these opportunities. Challenges may include naming the persons or groups who will administer program and train employees using the TAP strategy. Another challenge may be deciding on handling the program inhouse or outsourcing in order to Tuition Reimbursement Administrator such as EdAssist or College Shuttle. oMeasuring success of the program.

Is success measured by the connected with employees in plan or the involving graduates or the promotions of the graduates or some other measurement oImproving quality of the program. Consistency for this program, reviewing policies, handling problems within a consistence manner in a position to some ways boost quality. oSaving tuition dollars. A maximum dollar amount annually per employee may save tuition hard cash. Other practices for saving tuition dollars are encouraging employees to use community college, less expensive schools, or offering Educational Counseling.