High Heels Began in a Man’s Vanity

Some said that about a woman’s memoirs, people usually only care about three things-her most beautiful appearance, the men she loved, as well as the number of shoes she has. High heel shoe is one of the most greatest inventions in civilization history. To woman, high heel is really like a sharp, sexy, deadly dagger, which lets a woman Como conquistar uma mulher
conquer her proud heart. The great high heels’ designer Roger Vivider after birth years later, it is time for men to have the right to choose high heel shoes.
High heels are born for the men at the earliest. The following article is to demonstrate the historical fact. Fashion is changeable in prosperity and decline capricious in rise and fall. Human does have somewhat easy to ignore history. We have years history. Look at the fashionable tide of years ago, we can not image the great change today. So we can not image what will be fashionable years later. May be the high heels are not only belong to women, a lot of men may wear them.

Who can make sure and make predictions? Yes, no one can. What we should pay attention to are as follow. Nowadays, there are some men have put on high heel shoes. The men we talk about here are not gay, cross dresser, but the heterosexual straight man. The high heels shoes we discuss are not that kind of heighten shoe, but the pointed toe high heel, which is popular at present. Because the first pair of pointed toe high heel is made by Roger Vivier in Paris. So years later, there appears the concept.